Digital Signature Solution

Modern business, governments and legal organizations make huge investments in automation of their operations, workflow and business processes. Electronic transactions gradually replace traditional ones and the paperless communication is the new realm. The need of an easy-to-use, readily-available, secure digital signature solutions increases rapidly.

Our digital signature solution – Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is designed to provide stronger user authentication and to protect the integrity of the data signed, thus ensuring non-repudiation of the transaction by the signer. Organisations can replace slow and expensive paper-based approval processes, with fast, low-cost and fully digital ones, and remove the documents printing.


  • Ability to instantly order, issue and manage digital certificates for the entire enterprise
  • Simple set-up and registration
  • Web-based system which requires no additional software, hardware or PKI expertise
  • Safe electronic signing of documents/contracts
  • Time and cost saving, associated with paper-based processes
  • Full life-cycle management capability which allows certificates to be administered on demand
  • Easy communication with public institutions – on-line payment of duties and taxes, filing customs and tax declarations, access to commercial registers, etc.