Mobile Parental Control

Bipper is a new mobile parental control platform for kids’ mobile phones. Bipper puts parents in the driver’s seat when it comes to kids’ mobile usage, allowing them to decide how children can use their mobile phones – to some moderate level of control and lots of safety!

The main services of Bipper include usage control, safety and localization. The technology is SIM based, therefore, no need of network operator change. The service is mobile operator neutral, operator independent, as well as compatible with all kind of devices.

Usage control

  • Who the child can communicate with (calls/ texts)
  • How much the child can talk/ text per week
  • When the child can use the phone.


Bipper Safety is an alarm function which the child can easily activate from the mobile. After activation, up to five pre-selected contacts are automatically dialled until one answers. All contacts from the alarm list receive a text message, with information about the time of alarm activation, and a link to a map with kid’s location.


Bipper also allows parents to locate their kid on the basis of a regular schedule or an immediate need. However, the solution serves as a localization tool, not a tracking device. It can be used for sporadic positioning rather than continuous monitoring.

For further information on the Bipper mobile parental control solution, visit Sirma Mobile’s website