New e-service for the Educational Service Center of Albania

2019 starts with a very important project for Sirma Solutions


Sirma Solutions has won an RFP and has been selected as a software developer of the Albanian government project: “State examination system for regulated professions”. The project scope is “Development and implementation of an evaluation system”, which will access the professional knowledge of candidates in a specific regulated profession and will check their practical skills.

The system will be used by doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, speech therapists, laboratory technicians, imaging technicians, and teachers, who want to improve their professional qualification or to apply for a new job in their field of knowledge.

The system will allow The Educational Service Center of Albania to enter and setup questions for each profession and profiles, to generate appropriate exams, to conduct an examination session where candidates use dedicated terminals to compile a test. As soon as the exam finish, the system will automatically calculate test results and will print certificates, in case of successful passing.

The system will provide an online portal, integrated with e-Albania, where candidates will be able to apply for exams.

The project duration is 4 months. The technologies used for software development are Java and JavaScript



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