Speedy ERP System

DESY is a modern and sophisticated software system, intended to automate all business processes in one of the leaders in the express and logistics industry in Bulgaria – Speedy Ltd. The company owns around 100 offices throughout the country and abroad and serves nearly half a million deliveries monthly. The new information system replaces a legacy software in order to fulfill the growing needs of the company for a robust, scalable and effective software system. It consists of:

  • A centralized WEB-based application, which contains several modules: Marketing, User management, Logistics net, Call Centre, Dispatchers, Financial operations, Online logistics etc. The application is based on a N-layer architecture, comprised of a Java EE Application Server (JBoss AS 4), which is running on several clustered and load-balanced instances, and RDBMS (Oracle 10g)
  • Mobile application for PDA devices and smartphones, which is intended to assist the couriers in doing their job. The application is written for .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and is running on Windows CE/Mobile OS. It connects to the central server via GPRS
  • Distributed, desktop-based application for local office logistics. This application is deployed in all offices and distribution centres. It consists of Application server (JBoss AS 4), RDBMS (Firebird) and Swing-based desktop clients. This application is designed to work even if the Internet connection with the other offices is temporarily down for any reason. This is a crucial requirement in order to prevent serious delays and disorganization in the business processes. All of the local servers automatically synchronize their data with the central server on very short intervals. Used technologies include EJB 3.0, Hibernate 3, Swing, RMI etc.

DESY is designed to allow highly optimized and effective way of work for the employees, with extensive use of barcode readers, AJAX-based auto-completer fields and so on. The system is integrated with a number of external systems – GIS, IVR, accounting system, HR system.