Jetix ERP System

Jetenterprise operations system is a comprehensive enterprise operations system that automates most business operations of BNP Paribas Personal Finance (formerly JetFinance),¬†Bulgaria’s largest consumer credit company. The company is the undisputed market leader in non-bank consumer lending with a market share of more than one third. JETIX covers the following business operations:

  • Sales and Marketing: regional distribution networks (areas, regions, localities, sales teams); sales planning and tracking; competition tracking; promotions; various credit payment schemes; applicability of payment schemes in various situations (e.g. specific regions, stores, good types)
  • Products: JetCredit (consumer credit for goods), JetCash (cash money), JetCreditPlus (money through a debit card), Insurance, JetCars (upcoming). Various workflow steps, documentary requirements and checks per product
  • Credit application processing: customer data, smart data recording, data verification
  • Risk management: credit decisioning; credit risk scoring using score cards; blacklists; redlists; approval and routing workflows
  • Collection procedures and workflows
  • Call center operations
  • Administration: credit dossier checking, scanning and archival; mailing to clients; logistics to regional offices; general procurement
  • Financial: clearing of bank payments; installment matching; installment accounting; general accounting and integration to accounting system (Maconomy)

JETIX also provides the following IT functionalities:

  • Comprehensive user, role and access right management. The system includes over 80 roles, 200 groups of business functions and a complete access rights matrix relating them
  • OLAP, reporting, dashboards and other business intelligence functions
  • Integration with VOIP (internet telephony)
  • Integration with external systems, such as Ministry of Interior for verification of personal IDs, National Health Insurance Fund for verification of health coverage, Citizen Services for administrative regions and addresses, and many others.