BrightTalk Modules

BrightTALK is a UK-based company that improves financial and investment corporate communications using web-casts, web-based presentations and other applications. BrightTALK offers full webcasting, web conferencing, email marketing and web-portals services delivered via standard internet technologies. Sirma helps BrightTALK to develop modules for its BrightTALK webcasting application:

  • BrightSlide convertor from Microsoft Powerpoint presentations to web image formats. The convertor runs on a dedicated machine running Windows 2000, XP, or 2003, and it is implemented in C#.NET, requiring .NET Framework 1.1. It uses PPT as a conversion engine, driving it through OLE Automation, using Microsoft Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs) that make OLE calls as simple as normal object calls. The convertor accepts PPT 2000 (or later) files as input and is implemented as a standalone application (no user interface). The convertor runs all the time as a Windows Service. The convertor processes a 50-slide presentation in under 60 seconds.
  • BrightTALKer is a wrapper application to manage the acquisition of an audio or video signal, the encoding of the signal and the distribution of the encoded output. The application ‘wraps’ third party encoding applications, initially Windows Media Server and Real Producer.BrightTALKer masks the typical complexity of the encoder and network setup through a profile driven, easy to use interface. BrightTALKer application receives signal from input sources (digital cameras, etc) to the encoding servers. A single encoding server can run one or more encoders simultaneously. Each encoder use “profile” to encode input signal and stream to the specified location (Client). Encoding profile contains encoder specific information such as kbps, streaming location etc. The entire process of receiving input signal, encoding and sending compressed output to the client is observed and managed by a system administrator. System administrator connects to the application server web based UI where he can view status of each encoder, start encoder providing encoding profile or stop given encoder. Each encoder should report to the application server its status at regular basis. Application server keeps track of encoder activities and can control each encoder.
  • BrightSite is a website creation service that can combine textural content and file attachments with on-demand webcasting content. By grouping relevant webcasts and web conferencing with other content into BrightSites, users can provide their audience with a more complete and intuitive approach to accessing their information. This helps users of BrightSite to increase the shelf life of their content and maximise their audience. A BrightSite could be a full conference with multiple speakers, a training programme with multiple lessons with course notes, a product section with multi-stage video demonstrations and attached guides, perhaps a collection of research from a particular analyst or any other microsite that you require. BrightSite allows users to package their content more intelligently.
  • BrightCompiler directly compile CSS into SWF. These style SWF files can then be loaded at runtime by any Flex 2.0.1 application. This is very handy because it allows you to externalize all graphical elements within the style of your application into a URL for reuse across applications.