Success Story: News on the Web

NOW is a powerful, yet easy-to-use application which gives you the hottest news on the web completely tailored to you.

It aggregates different news sources around the web, providing to you news and articles in a concise and useful manner, along with photos and video materials supporting the stories.

The top-notch semantic analysis technology behind the service allows you to tailor your feeds according to your specific interests and locations, and get background information and dossiers about all the companies, people and locations that make the news.

NOW main features:

- The Most Trending News: Find out and read the world’s hottest stories on the web collected by sophisticated linguistic algorithms;

- Intelligent Social Networks Integration: Use your Facebook, Twitter or Google + account to automatically find news that you seek and share them with your connections;

- Personalized Experience: Vote for the articles you like and thumb down those you don’t. NOW will remember your preferences and provide you with the most interesting and relevant to you content;

- Research Easily People and  Companies: Dive deeper into details about people, companies and brands and gain some useful insights with hyperlinks to detailed files and dossiers;

- Find Out Local News: Get local news by using your phone’s GPS or Wi-Fi connection to find your location;

- It’s free for iOS, Windows Phone and Android!

NOW brings the semantic web closer to you. Explore the breaking news, industry articles, analyses and trends from around the world and share with your friends each intriguing story – all you need is NOW!

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Success Story: News on the Web

News on the web (NOW)

NOW is a news aggregator app which collects news sources around the web, providing to you the hottest articles and breaking news, along with personalized feeds, photo and video materials on the most interesting topics to you.