Sirma Solutions Successfully Implements a New e-Government Project

Sirma Solutions’ latest  e-government project involves the improvement and upgrade of the existing e-government platform and the establishment of an integrated environment for teamwork. The project aims to improve the administrative services for both citizens and businesses and increase customer satisfaction by providing comprehensive e-government services.

The software development includes optimization of the architecture, design, source code, test patterns, integration interfaces and the infrastructure model of the existing e-government platform.

The key components of the project include:

  • A software platform for providing electronic municipal administrative services as a cloud service
  • A system for content management and provision of applications for electronic and non elеctronic administrative services
  • Team work oriented features
  • Improvement and optimization of the architecture, infrastructure and all other software models
  • Software testing and documentation of test results
  • Description of the requirements for the necessary hardware and software to ensure the proper functioning of the software solution
  • E-government integration
  • Providing a secure information environment


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