New Database Facilitates the Choice of Training Program in Lifelong Learning

Sirma Solutions in collaboration with AdminSoft created a database for selection of type of education and qualifications in the EU program “Lifelong Learning”. DB is cold EUROGUIDANCE and includes comprehensive data for educational opportunities in Bulgaria and it has been developed on behalf of the Center for Human Resources Development (HRDC).

HRDC performs the functions as National Agency of the European Union in the field of education, training, youth and sport “Erasmus +”. The main purpose of the project is to provide access to and exchange of information on education and vocational trainings in Bulgaria.

The web portal presents all forms of education and training in the field of secondary and higher education, along with providing information about available courses and programs related to the lifelong learning opportunities. Users have access to contact details of the relevant educational institutions.

To complete the project purpose Sirma Solutions has developed and implemented a national database for the needs of HRDC, which is linked to the European platform “Learning opportunities and qualifications in Europe” (

The users connect to this database through the web portal, the navigation is fast and user friendly. There is automated data update for the next school year or other applicable period. In addition, is it possible to export data in xml-format from the national database to the European platform.

The portal includes comprehensive information about qualification opportunities in Bulgaria and facilitate consumers in their choice. It also supports foreign youths who choose Bulgaria for their education, because Bulgaria is an attractive place for education and training of young people from over 120 countries worldwide.

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