Our platform enables retailers identify customer categories, preferences and anticipates their future behavior. MARKETvidia™ provides functionalities for better targeting of customers, tailored communication and unique promotional offers in the retail environment.

It is known that the customer dossier and the previous visits and purchases are not enough to give the full picture of the customer profile, behavior and accordingly to make a forecast. Therefore, we need to get into a more comprehensive way to identify the customers based on their physical appearance in-door – counting them, tracking their movements, face emotions, clothes style, etc. All collected information will be used by the marketing/loyalty systems for various customer analytics.


Blend of technologies for facial recognition

The solution uses 3D facial recognition technology and performs demographic analysis that includes identification by face, gender, age, and race detection in order to observe and track buyers’ in-store. Our technology employs deep learning algorithms (Neural Networks, Random Forests, etc.) and train them with a huge amount of data, e.g. millions of tagged images.

The implementation of technology provides companies with an unobtrusive tool for re-identification of customers, and integrates the visual information with already collected data from the CRM/loyalty systems, in order to improve customer experience and increase the quality of information in the personal customer profiles.

The second important implementation of technology is the security domain. It allows facial detection of visitors with suspicious behavior – either already known or these ones with a historical record like violating the rules – e.g. shoplifters, thieves, cheaters, vandals, etc. and notifies of the staff about them.


Digital Signage technology for better customer identification and tailored promotions

Our solution uses real-time facial recognition technology to identify customers – first time visitors or repeating ones when they enter the retail premises. The information is integrated with data collected from other sources, available for this customer, in order to facilitate customer purchase intention at the point of sales. Our solution helps retailers to display relevant promotional content and information to a targeted audience. The software supports showing of various content that matches with customer profile by multiple screens in retail settings.


Tracking customers for their most preferred places at the store

The solution presents basic and intelligent heat maps, which can be combined with demographic data obtained by the entrance camera as well as people tracking information provided by in-store wide-angle cameras. As a result, the retailers obtain the following information – people counting, basic heat maps – most visited places in the store, and intelligent heat maps. The latter allows retailers, employers and marketers not only to track customers in the store, but also segment by demographic data, and integration with data from other sources.


For a better customer journey and customer engagement in an Omni-channel world

The customers demand for personal approach and unique treatment, and seek solutions that meet their expectations. More than ever, customers are attracted, lost or retained based purely on the quality of their overall experience. Managing customer loyalty is the best way to build long-term relationships with existing customers and an excellent opportunity to attract new ones. Hence, the integration with our powerful loyalty platform enables retailers to benefit from the best technologies for in-store marketing activities. The module offers:

  • Loyalty programs and campaign management, Integration with POS;
  • Omnichannel communication, digital marketing integration;
  • Reporting and Analytics;
  • Customer loyalty cards and mobile applications;
  • Customer profile management;
  • End user portal;
  • POS service delivery.

The communication module of LOYAXvidia™ can be integrated with different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Hence, the business can additionally target customers based on the data taken from their social media accounts.


Customer behavior analytics integrated with computer vision technologies

Based on the observing and tracking information, in order to anticipate or facilitate customer purchase intention at the point of sales, COGNIvidia™ offers better customer segmentation, marketing analytics and prediction of the individual shopper behaviors. This enables retailers to maximize the customer experience and provide them with personalized in-store offers and targeted communication at the retail venue.

The platform allows retailers and marketers to gather, process and analyze information related to shoppers’ behavior in the retail environment. This functionality enables users to utilize the collected data and make insight-driven decisions, based on information and advanced analytics gained from the system. The ultimate goal is to improve the individual customer experience and engagement with brands, through the integrated computer vision technology with an innovative loyalty management platform.


We support Cloud, On-Premises, and Hybrid Deployments to meet your unique requirements.