IT Consulting Services for Bulbank

For more than 3 years Sirma provided significant IT consulting services to Bulbank, Bulgaria’s largest bank. Sirma’s team participated in the Diva program, an IT renewal initiative to modernize the complete IT applications infrastructure of Bulbank, including the majority of banking applications for retail and wholesale banking, ERP, CRM, MIS reporting, etc. Sirma’s consulting effort at Bulbank has exceeded 28,000 person/hours (14 person/years). Sirma provided services such as business analysis, requirements specification, design and development of software applications, test planning, testing and integration, maintenance and support. The systems developed by Sirma are part of the backbone of Bulbank’s IT system. Sirma’s team focused mainly on specification and implementation of interfaces between the core retail application system (Fiserv’s ICBS) and other banking systems (electronic channels applications, wholesale, ERP, etc.) and payment systems (BISERA, SEBRA, BORIKA, SWIFT). The following systems were analyzed, designed, developed and implemented by our team (in some cases in cooperation with Bulbank employees, in other cases by our team alone):

  • ICBS – Telebank interface. Telebank is one of the electronic banking channels available to customers. This channel allows the customer to send: payment instructions (through BISERA, RINGS, SEBRA or SWIFT), claims for collection, text messages to the bank and others. The interface also provides information about customer account movements and accepted/rejected claims
  • ICBS – Phonebank interface. Phonebank provides similar services as Telebank, but the content is available through the Web (HTTP), wireless (WAP), Phone (Interactive Voice Response, IVR) and Fax
  • ICBS – Trade Innovation interface. This is an extension to the core retail banking systems providing functionality for the creation and processing of incoming/outgoing SWIFT payment orders in foreign currency
  • ICBS – OPICS Interface. OPICS is Bulbank’s wholesale banking system. This interface provides summarized information about the transactions executed in ICBS, to OPICS in real time
  • ICBS – ERP Interface. This interface creates extracts of all GL transactions originated in ICBS, information for all payments received on a predefined set of accounts, and processing of transactions ordered by the ERP system
  • ICBS – SEBRA Interface. Interface between the core retail banking system and the SEBRA national budget settlement system. Provides processing of outgoing SEBRA payment orders, tracks related statuses, and produces reports for the bank’s governors
  • Card Processing Enhancements. Additional functionality to the core retail banking system for card processing and support of new card products
  • Automatic Account Opening. Tool for batch (mass) card account opening
  • ICBS – RINGS Interface. Processing of payment instructions (incoming & outgoing) through RINGS, Bulgaria’s real-time payment authorization system
  • ICBS – BISERA5 Interface. Interface between the core retail system (ICBS) and the new BISERA5 payment system (introduced Jun 2003). This interface works in conjunction with the ICBS – RINGS interface and implements requirements for the centralization of budget funds as per BNB Instruction 03-13002 (budget account handling and budget payment order processing).